Designed to work together

Powerful applications you can install and combine together to build business solutions. 

Everything works together

Kademi applications are design to work together as a single solution to build your solution.

Quick & easy to install

Easily search for and install an application from the marketplace, then drop it into your solution.

Designed to scale

Start small and scale your program over time by installing additional applications from the Kademi marketplace.


A suite of applications to incentivize and reward your employees and customers.


Award badges, manage customer tiers, and set up any number of KPIs and targets for your customers to achieve.


Setup sales promotions that target customers and include different promotion types to increase sales.

K-Sales Claimer

Give you customers a way to upload sales claims which you can approve before they get rewarded.


Set up an online store where employees and customers can spend points for merchandise and digital rewards.

K-Sales Data

Tools to manage sales data and create rules to automatically calculate points and award a customer for a sale.


Use real-time auctions to keep your customers engaged where they can bid points against their peers to win prizes.

K-Game Of Chance

A fun way for customers to spend their points and go into the chance to win a prize.

K-Scratch & Win

A simple and fun way to reward your customers where they can scratch and win a prize based on a payout rule.

Sell online

Applications to launch your online store and sell to your customers.  


A powerful eCommerce application to set up online stores, manage products, inventory and orders.


Allows customers to make purchases using a credit card on your website through an online self checkout form.

K-Manual Payments

Lets customers check out without entering payment details, for you to process their payment manually. 


Create invoices for payment and send them to your customer once a proposal has been accepted. 


Send quotes and proposals to your customers, then get approval before you invoice a customer to collect payment.

Build knowledge

Applications to increase knowledge around your products and services.


Create targeted online training courses that customers can complete and earn points, badges and certificates. 


Target and share structured blog content with your customers that can be filtered by tags and categories.


Create online resources your customers can view online and download to their device. 

Engage customers

A blend of applications to register, nurture referals and collect feedback from your customers.


Drop instant feedback into the emails you send so you can collect feedback with a click of a button.


Create surveys from your admin console so you can collect deeper insights from your customers.


Drop polls into your website or secure customer portal to capture customer responses.


Drop sign-up forms into your programs so customers can register into your program.

K-Confirm Details

Keep customer details up-to-date by getting them to confirm details when they first login.

K-Contact Us

An easy way to drop a contact form into your website and instantly start collected enquires from your customers.


Nurture customers to refer on friends or colleagues to your program which can then reward the referrer and referred.

Third party applications

We've also integrated with some awesome 3rd party platforms.


Record & playback sessions to discover how customers interact with your solution.


SMS integration provider that lets you send SMS messages through Kademi.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers great reporting on user activity, at no cost to you.


Integrate your Shopify eCommerce store solution with your Kademi account.


SMS integration provider that lets you send SMS messages through Kademi.


Shuttle allows you to connect to a range of different payment providers.


Synchronize orders and invoices between Xero and your Kademi account.


Stop the bots and switch on Google Recaptcha to use in your solutions.

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